A slightly different Show Reel this time from my last 3 years in the exciting world of Effects (FX). Two massive shows have taken most of this time, The Suicide Squad and Avatar Way of Water. 
Most of the work is done through Houdini and Weta's proprietary software. My contributions were mostly destruction and water simulation work as listed below. Obviously most of this work is done as part of teams, so much collaborative work across departments and FX-focused teams. 
And it's the team that always makes things special, so although these were big projects with a good amount of overtime, you could always rely on the comradery within the FX department to elevate you. Fantastic experience! 

Here is a rundown shot by shot of what specifically I worked on in each: 
00:02 Debris simulations from train explosion including some larger pieces breaking on tracks and smaller falling debris and dust 
00:10 All pool water simulations
00:18 Water simulations for characters and beach interactions
00:22 Leading ATD team processing all ocean water planes
00:25 All pool simulations and water plane processing
00:29 Waterfall simulations team
00:35 Bridge destruction
00:36 Crane debris destruction
00:39 Submarine & coral destruction
00:41 Water team helping with front end of ocean planes
00:47 Water pool planes
00:52 Squib hits from machine gun fire
00:59 Staff hit debris and strike marks
01:00 Falling debris and dust
01:06 Starro foot strikes destruction with debris and dust
01:14 Trailing debris and dust
01:16 Falling debris and dust
01:22 Destruction, debris and dust from characters
01:25 Floatsum in water and rat destruction from chewing with debris and blood

All work shown is copyrighted to respective studios and/ or Weta Digital Ltd. Use of this footage is for non-profit and used under 17 USC §107(1) (fair use of copyrighted work) for critique and educational purposes. Demo reel purposes only. If you feel this breaches any copyright please contact me immediately and I can remove. All music is "attribution not required" and royalty-free through https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary.

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