Thought it was high time I released an updated show reel of work I've contributed to both as an environment and hard surface modeler while working at Weta Digital. A good 8 years of work have gone into this and I won't lie that it was quite emotional going through it all, remembering all the friends I've worked with along the way both in New Zealand and overseas.
It spans my days initially as a hard surface modeler where I worked on the likes of Man of Steel and The Hobbit, then branched into environment modelling where a generalist, like me, feels at home. This grew into leading environment builds on shows such as Valerian, Maze Runner, Mortal Engines, and War for the Planet of the Apes of which we were nominated twice for most "outstanding created environment in a photoreal feature" at the VES Awards in LA. Certainly a career highlight, and a product of working with a really great team.
A variety of software, systems and workflows are used in this work from Maya poly modelling to full procedural workflows in Houdini (Mortal Engines being a good example). You name it, I'll use it if it's right for the job.
Here is a rundown shot by shot of what specifically I worked on in each:
00:02 War for the Planet of the Apes. Photogrammetry rock builds. Kit bash environment modeling for fortress and waterfall
00:13 Mortal Engines. Full procedural build team in Houdini in darker grey. Procedural mask creation for lookDev and layout usage shown. Photogrammetry cliff creation and key rock formation builds. Houdini simulations used for bulk of debris
00:36 Valerian. Undersea environment and submarine tunnel build from photogrammetry parts in kit bash
00:39 Jungle Book. Part of environment team, mainly rock and ground asset creation. Ivy procedural growth and some limited dressing/ layout
00:41 The BFG. Dream Cavern build from kitbashed photogrammetry rocks. Likewise with Dream Country with FX friendly river built
00:48 The BFG. Island FX friendly base creation for water sims
00:49 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Procedural and manual ivy creation across all surrounding (CG) buildings
00:51 Man of Steel. Primary tower creation. Hard surface subD model
00:56 Maze Runner the Death Cure. Train ground, track and dressing creation. City asset QC checking and workflow creation. FX liaison and model QC checking. Various modeling on city assets
01:28 Maze Runner The Scorch Trails. Ground and sand dune creation, both manual and some procedural
01:43 The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey. Various hard surface asset creation for dressing. Various areas of environment creation throughout sequence using kit bashed photogrammetry
01:49 The Hobbit the Battle of the Five Armies. City asset QC checking and workflow creation. FX liaison and model QC checking. Toolset creation for demolition checking. Various modeling on city assets
01:54 War for the Planet of the Apes. Ground, cliff feature, rock and mountain modeling using photogrammetry and kit bash setups. Creation of FX friendly environment for FX avalanche.
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